Shipping and Delivery

1. Processing Time

2. Shipping Time

What is

  1. Processing Time : Varies by product
  2. Shipping Time : Depends on shipping method
  3. Processing+Shipping Time = Business days for your order to arrive
  4. Business days = Monday~Friday, excluding Weekend and Holidays

Estimated Arrival Date

  1. Your order requires ‘Processing Time’ and ‘Shipping Time’
  2. The processing time may be different for each item
  3. The shipping time is based on the method of shipment you choose
  4. Estimated arrival date is calculated for each item on the product information page and is also provided in checkout

What do you charge for standard shipping?

Shipping charges are not included in our pricing. Please place your order in the Shopping Cart to view shipping charges.

Shoud I have to sign for my order?

A signature is required for most shipments upon receipt. Someone must be at the address to receive the package and sign for it.

When will I receive my order?

Standard Shipping Times

Received By Shipped By Expected
Sunday Tuesday 3 – 6 biz days later
Monday Wednesday 3 – 6 biz days later
Tuesday Thursday 3 – 6 biz days later
Wednesday Friday 3 – 6 biz days later
Thursday Monday 3 – 6 biz days later
Friday Tuesday 3 – 6 biz days later
Saturday Tuesday 3 – 6 biz days later


Premium Shipping Times

Received By Shipped By Expected 
Sunday Monday Wednesday
Monday Tuesday Thursday
Tuesday Wednesday Friday
Wednesday Thursday Monday
Thursday Friday Tuesday
Friday Monday Wednesday
Saturday Monday Wednesday

* before 3:00 PST

How can I Tracking my order?

You can quickly check the status of a current order with your order number and email address.

We’ll send you a confirmation email that includes a tracking number.

Shipping to International Addresses

We’re sorry, but international orders/delivery is not available.

But You could still try because some products is possible,

For further details, please contact us by e-mail.

  • e-mail :

Problems with your order?

We want you have the best online shopping experience, so if you have any problems with your order, please contact us.

  1. E-mail :
  2. Kakao talk : moabox
  3. Tel. : 9095-MOA-BOX / 909-566-2269